The Importance of a Will

Purpose of a Will

A last will and testament should be the last act of love and kindness, ensuring that loved ones are taken care of in your absence. Do not dictate from the grave!

A last will and testament is only one aspect of dealing with a deceased estate, and one of the first steps in ensuring that a deceased estate runs smoothly.

In the following weeks we will endeavour to clarify the importance of a will by discussing the following;

  • the requirements for a valid will,

  • the process in dealing with an estate,

  • the parties involved and the statuary requirements relating thereto..

Simplifying the Deceased Estate process:

The Master of the High Court

The Master of the High Court is a department that is located within the Department of Justice.

The Master’s duties include, inter alia, the supervision of Deceased Estates, Sequestrations of

Individuals, Liquidation of Companies, Registration of Trusts and the Appointment of guardians

over minor children and the mentally incapable.

The reporting procedure to the Master’s office:

  • On date of death the deceased estate is reported to the Master of High Court in the area wherein the Deceased resided prior to his death.

  • The Master of the High Court will require the Original Last Will and Testament drafted and signed as per the formalities set out in the Wills Act.

  • The original last Will and Testament must be submitted with the supporting documents to the Master of the High Court. The Master of the High Court will examine the Last Will and Testament.

  • The attorney assisting the Executor will carefully examine the documentation before lodging with the Master of the High Court .

In order to ensure that your will is not rejected contact Kontos & Associates to assist you through our wealth of experience accumulated over many years.

Email us at or Call 011 455 6885.

We look forward to being of assistance to you.

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