Free Investment planning and advice.

Planning for your future is a daunting task, especially when balancing your financial resources with your need to achieve financial stability.

Looking for a quick return on investment is rarely a good idea.

Seek professional advice when you are considering investing in property, whether it be a home for your family or to build up your assets and equity. It is recommended that you work together with a reputable legal advisor to seek a solution that suits you.

Legal agreements, contracts, last wills and testaments, and trust all require trained professionals to assist and protect your interest – and you need to trust in their honesty and experience.

Whatever your passion or vision may be, at Kontos & Associates we provide valuable advice and guidance to all of our clients as a standard part of our service package.

For further information simply visit our website at or email or call (011) 455 6885 to arrange a meeting with one of our consultants.

This free service is offered to all first time clients with no strings attached.

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